Manuel Scotto

Manuel Scotto

Company: Roche Pharmaceuticals

Job title: People & Culture Enterprise Business Partner


Discover: Elevating Performance Management in Life Science HR: A Roadmap to Excellence 12:20 pm

How can we enhance performance management strategies to align with the unique goals of pharma and drive excellence among employees in this specialised field? Discuss the role of data-driven insights and analytics in enhancing performance management practices, enabling HR professionals to make informed decisions that drive employee and organisational success. How Roche implemented performance management…Read more

day: Day Two

Discover: Leveraging Senior Expertise for Enhanced Knowledge Transfer in Life Sciences 8:35 am

Are we covering all ground to address talent gaps and fill the most specialised roles? Exploring the broader industry trends related to labour shortages and how the utilisation of a senior workforce can serve as a valuable solution to address specific hiring pain points. Highlight the benefits of integrating senior professionals to alleviate workforce shortages…Read more

day: Day One

Develop: Continuing the Discussion on Why Wellness and Performance Management to Influence Excellence Have Become So Integral to Our Benefits Packages? 12:40 pm

Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the ChairRead more

day: Day Two

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